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Caterpillar control miamiAt Monster Pest Control, we intend to make you feel secure by protecting your home or business from lawn bugs. We are licensed, certified, responsible and specialists in ant control in Miami.

Nearly all lawn diseases are the result of pathogenic fungi that infect the blades, stems, or roots of grass. Typical signs include leaf spots; white, powdery growth; thin, open grass; and small to large areas of discolored or dying lawn. Other typical symptoms of lawn diseases include “frog-eye” patterns ( a circular area of dead grass with healthy grass in the center), leaf spots, rotted crowns and roots, yellow leaves, stunting, and wilting. Affected lawn areas can become discolored and lose density quickly. Our Miami Pest Control company offer treatments for fertilization, & treatments to eliminate lawn pests in Miami & South Florida.

A quick tip to avoid grass fungus, water your lawn in the morning. Water gets evaporated quicker in the morning vs the Evening. It is essential to provide your home with lawn treatments, This is something we are quite efficient at our Miami Pest Control business. Along with these grass diseases, we have other little critters, that enjoy eating your lawn.

Chinch Bugs

chinch bug control miamiGrass attacked by chinch bugs looks like grass suffering from drought. Along your driveway and sidewalks, your grass blades wilt, turn yellow-brown, then dry out and die.

Adult chinch bugs are about one-fifth of an inch long and black with white wings folded over their backs. The insect mates early in the season when the temperature reaches 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The female lays eggs on roots, stems, leaves, leaf sheaths or crevices in nodes and other protected places.  Eggs are laid over a 2 to 3 week period, with one female laying as many as 500 eggs.The chinch bugs insert their slender beak into the grass and suck the plant juices.

As the chinch bug sucks the plant juices, it releases a toxin that causes yellowish to brownish patches in turf.You can also determine infestations by using a large coffee can or gallon can with both ends removed. Press one end of the can about 2 or 3 inches into the soil, fill with soapy water, and watch for about 5 minutes. If chinch bugs are present, they will float to the surface.


grub control miamiSometimes patches of thin or dead turf may be due to grubs. One indicator of grubs in your lawn is when a flock of birds, are observed feeding around the dead patches.Grubs are milky white with a brownish head. Grubs are milky white with a brownish head. They typically curl into a “C” shape when disturbed.Depending on species they may have a 1-year or a 3-year life cycle. Larvae of June beetles take 3 years to complete their life cycle.


Adults have a hump-shaped back and are usually black, gray, or brown in color. The larvae are considered an essential part of the food chain in ponds, streams and lakes.

Adults will survive for 5 to 10 days with the sole activity of mating to produce eggs of the next generation.These populous insects do not bite, but they can be an annoyance just by their sheer numbers in a location. gnats, are often drawn to lights and can be found swarming around outdoor lighting in the summer. Gnats breed in any body of water, larvae drop to the bottom of the body of water to feed on the algae and organic matter found there. Did you know, Gnats,also known as Midges stop eating once they’re fully Mature?!?

On another note, a great way to avoid gnats, is to throw out any buckets of water you may have laying around outside.


grasshopper control miamiSince we do live in Southern Florida, you can expect more then one generation to appear late February- early March. These Grasshoppers can become a nuisance, due to the multitude they appear in. You can expect many of your plants to be devoured.

Eastern Lubber Grasshopper are large, colorful, and have short wings. When disturbed, lubber grasshoppers may hiss and spread their wings. Both the front wings and back wings are brightly colored.

The nymphs are mostly black with a narrow median yellow stripe, and red on the head and front legs. Their color pattern is distinctly different from the adult stage, so they commonly are mistaken for a different species.

They attain a large size, males measuring 1.6in-1.9in in length and females measuring 1.9in-2.7in.

lubber grasshoppers have a broad host range. It eats at least 26 species from 15 plant families containing shrubs, herbs, broadleaf weeds and grasses.

The bright coloration and patterning on a lubber’s shell is a warning coloration to predators that they are unpalatable and poisonous.

Their poison may kill smaller creatures such as birds or leave larger animals quite ill after ingesting a lubber.


millipede control miamiMillipedes come in a variety of colors, the majority here in Miami are tubular and black in color.

unlike Centipedes, Millipedes have 2 legs per body segment which gives them a lot of legs!

unfortunetly, millipedes don’t have 1000 legs but depending on their length they can have up to 750 legs. they primarily live in moist soil, but can however enter your home through cracks or any openings on walls. they usually die on their own, due to a lack of moisture. they curl up into coils, when threatened and can last up to 7 years! they reproduce quite rapidly, so its good to have preventative care outside the perimeter of the home, to avoid the possibility of them getting inside. These anthropoids, have glands that produce hydrochloric acid that can burn your skin and cause discoloration.

Giant Swallowtail Caterpillar

Giant Swallowtail Caterpillar control miamiThese odd looking caterpillars are found on Citrus plants and/or trees. They resemble Bird poop in appearance. they possess an orange or reddish Y-shaped eversible gland that is located behind the head. When attacked by small predators, the giant swallowtail caterpillar extrudes the gland and attempts to wipe it against the attacker. The Y shaped like tongue contains a highly noxious, pungent mixture of chemicals that smells like rancid butter. This glandular secretion is repellent and toxic to small predators, such as ants and spiders. During their pupae stage, they are immobile and harmless, becoming an egg holder for certain Wasps.

Now, something to highly be concerned about is, having these wasp Parasitize smaller insects. Meaning you will have a wasp infestation and that is Very Dangerous.

White Fly

Whiteflies are common pests on many ornamental plants. The most frequently attacked plants include allamanda, avocado, chinaberry, citrus, fig, fringe tree, gardenia, gumbo limbo, ligustrum, mango, various palms, persimmon, viburnum, and many annuals. White flies like to drink the sap of plants for 3-5 weeks at a time, ultimately killing your plant.

Adult whiteflies look like tiny white moths,  closely related to scale insects. Most are about 1/16 inch long and have four wings. The wings and body are covered with a fine white powdery wax.The nymphs typically occur on the undersides of leaves. Some species are light green to whitish and somewhat transparent.

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